Are you a Bubba?

November 17, 2007

The Cooperative Feeding Program was fortunate to be featured in a story on diminishing federal aid to food banks by the Sun-Sentinel last week. If you didn’t catch the print version it included a very nice picture of Barbara, our Pantry Manager, and Bubba, one of our customers, as she handed him his bag of food. It was a nice picture and we passed the paper around commenting on it and how much we liked Bubba. He volunteered with us often, helping others through their morning meal. Everyone had a story to tell, a connection to make.

This morning the picture went around again, but for a very different reason. Bubba was shot a few days ago and died after suffering a massive heart attack on the operating table. Of course we were all shocked, another act of senseless violence right here in our hometown. What really struck me though was what a big hole in the world, one which can be palpably felt, his passing made. He was no political leader, no major philanthropist or life saving surgeon, but he was kind, compassionate and genuine. If your life was over right now, in this instant, how many people could say that about you?

Most of us will never broker a Middle East peace accord, discover a cure for a disease or be a captain of industry, but we can all be kind. Hold the door for a stranger. Smile gently at someone on the street who looks in need of a little kindness, a little compassion. Acknowledge the cashier at the grocery store and for the few minutes it takes to check out engage with them, ask them how they are and mean it. If someone cuts you off in traffic, slow down and let them in. Be thankful that you didn’t have an accident and your life come to an end sharply, abruptly and without warning.

These are not big things, not complicated acts. But if we each were a little kinder, a little more compassionate, a little more like Bubba wouldn’t the world be a better place? As we move into the holiday season ask yourself this question….. Are you a Bubba?

3 Responses to “Are you a Bubba?”

  1. Celeste Says:

    Wow, I’m so sorry to hear of that loss. But both your entries remind me of some of the people I know and what a difference they make just by quietly leading their lives but with respect and compassion for others. It also reminds me that you never know who that person is that you may pass or what they can or are doing to change their little corner of the world. The world isn’t always changed by major events; it’s the daily lives of all the people and what we accept and what we reject that makes the difference. We all need to not only show respect and compassion everyday but also teach it to the next generations as it sometimes seems to be dying out. Everyone you meet or see deserves it until they prove otherwise. Give someone with only one item your place in line; smile at others; don’t use the handicapped stall if you’re not handicapped; help an overloaded parent load the groceries in the car, and, as my daughter’s favorite tv show says, “you too can be a hero.” Keep up the good writings!

  2. Tony Halsema Says:

    You askif i am a “bubba”. I try to be. I think that’s what makes the world go ’round. It sure makes life more pleasent and the giver gets much more than he/she gives. Being a “Bubba” gives you more peace of mind and heart in a crazy, hurried, get all you can world. May there be more “Bubbas” in the world.

  3. Tony Halsema Says:

    Great piece on Bubba. Hope I can measure up. I try.

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