Governor Charlie Crist declares January “Help the Homeless” month in Florida

January 11, 2008

Help the Homeless Month Decree

On December 29, 2007 Governor, Charlie Crist declared January “Help the Homeless” month in Florida. Here’s 5 fast ways you can make a difference.

1. Clean out your closet. Can you imagine going to fill out applications and the only thing you have to wear is what you’ve been wearing for a few days? You may not wear those khakis, polos, and jeans any longer but they are the perfect thing for someone who is trying to get a job. Clean clothing – especially work wear, men’s clothes, socks and shoes are always in big demand. Drop them off at CFP and help someone get a job.

2. Open up your schedule. Come volunteer with us and bring your friends, co-workers and families. Volunteering isn’t just good for the cause, it’s good for you! Call Chris, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 954.792.2328 or e-mail him – and find out about all the great opportunities there are. Think you’re too busy to come to our site? There are loads of ways you can help from home, your office or place of worship.

3. Get informed. Homelessness is a complicated issue, but there are answers. Jump on our website for information on how it affects our community. Click here to see some national stats and information.

4. Talk it up. Put all that good information gathering to use! In our society we often try to hide poverty and homelessness. Bring it out into the open by discussing the statistics, causes and possible solutions with your family, friends and people you meet. You may be surprised by people’s opinions or experiences.

5. Vote. It’s a bit early, but by starting today you can impact the next election. Find out where your legislators stand on the issue and what they are doing to help. Call and e-mail them with your comments on what you want to see done or not done. Ask them to sponsor legislation, back upcoming bills for positive change and get involved. Start an e-mail campaign and invite everyone you know to join in. The more your elected officials hear about an issue, the more they’ll know to take notice. By election day they should have a full plan of action to help those who are on the streets now and to prevent future generations from getting there.

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